Orphans are non-other than the
Children of God”.

Today when moving on the street, we can observe many helpless children begging on the roadside. But whether they were born to do this? Of course not. But time and fate played with them. Unfortunately, they lost their parents in so accidents and society gave them the name “Orphan”. But with that also we can get someone parent children, who are facing the economical crisis and became bound to do the same.

So here an innovative step was being taken by ORD, to help these parent-less children by promising them to give a sweet home and absolutely not a house. Then ORD opened an orphanage with the help of  Reach Out India, where at present 12 children are staying in between the age group of 4 to 13 years. Here they have a routine life and a healthy circumstance. We are giving them proper love and care which they need the most in this age. We had admitted them in government U.P school. Also, we are giving them training on extracurricular activities like on dancing, drawing, computer, making terracotta & some outdoor activities like gardening etc so that they will be an all-rounder.

Financial supports are welcomed from various persons or organisations to
build a home for the orphans.