Slum and school, both words start from “S” but meaning of both are totally opposite to each other and even their function also.

School is known as the “Temple Of Education”. On the other hand Slum is just like a bane for them.

So ORD planned to enroll the children in schools where they will get a platform to show their ability and to express their ideas. They will undergo competitions with other children, and then only they can feel the charm of education.

These children had never been to schools before due to poverty and illiteracy of their parents. As a result their parents preferred to send them to do some work as domestic labour and some of them were also going to pick rags so that they will earn some money.

But still all the children are not going to school, so we which thought to build a friendly relation with them and to light the candle education in their life. The school going children can read and pronounce words like “APPLE” but still they are unable to identify different ALPHABETS. Even if the students of classes 4-5 have the same problem.

So ORD went to these places and motivated their parents to send their children to us where they will get free education with proper care and love and also some refreshments. Under this project of “Slum To School”, now we have near about 448 children, who are getting benefits by the day n night hardship of our team members. These children were also admitted in Government schools.

ORD students are securing good marks in various class promotion exams & class 10th exam, and many were also enrolled in colleges for higher studies

Our team will be very much thankful to them who will whole heartedly
support the children coming from economically backward families to study
in school and pursue good education