Empowerment is nothing but a way to make one stand on his/her own legs.

Women are known to be “The Power or The Shakti” in our society. But whether they are getting the power in their life to do something freely as per their own choice. No, but they have been put into the four walls of a house to just work as the bulls in the field. Society takes her as a legal domestic labour. But if anyone of us had ever thought of her needs and requirement? YES, but seldom. So, ORD thought to hold the hands of these helpless women, who really want to progress in their life.

ORD arranges awareness camps mainly for girls and ladies of young age to dreams for a new world happiness.

ORD’s lady volunteers used to visit personally to different houses to study the mindset of the homemakers and to create a friendly relationship with them, so that they will be free to speak out the things that are in their heart. And we shortlisted some women in the tribal and Lodha communities, who were interested to earn by their own.

Then ORD started a project on Women Empowerment in the following ways:

Interested Women and dropout young girls were brought to our organization.

They have been given trainings on various fields (such as sewing, making spices and handicraft etc). ORD then gave them sewing machine, grinder/mixer and provided them raw materials like bamboo and clothes for their work.
In this date they are making carry bags, mat, papuch, etc with the help of sewing machine. They are preparing Baskets, Flower vases, Tokei, Kula etc with the help of bamboo. And on the other hand they are also making spices with the help of grinder.
We are also engaging the girls of higher classes who are studying in ORD to teach the junior students.

We would like to invite female entrepreneurs to visit our organisation to share their experiences and
give various trainings and teachings to the helpless women in the slum