The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Many of our famous personalities gave whole hearted service to this society. Even if they lost   their life’s for the sake of this society.
Yes today they are not with us, but their teachings, ideologies and moral values are of course with us.
So by taking a motto to serve this society in a positive way, I started this organization named, ORD.

“ORD” stands for Organisation of Rural Development.
I belong to a tribal dominated district named Mayurbhanj of Odisha, which has very poor literacy rate. Today many villages are still there which are totally ignorant of urbanization even. They are till now depending on forestry.  But on the other side, some villages are there who are partially literate and they need more to come to the mainstream of this society. Here these people need a basic education to become civilized first and then only they can help themselves in making an image of their own in this society.

The day when I first stepped to these communities, I got a woeful scenario where small children are going to work or picking up rags. These children had no clothes on their body and nor they had a good health condition.
When I talked with their parents, I came to know that they even were ignorant about education and its importance. For them getting food twice is enough for a happy life.
Yes, they are human beings like us only but they didn’t get the three basic requirements of a human being till now also i.e. Food, Clothing and Shelter in a civilized manner.
And only they can achieve these three basic requirements by becoming literate. So EDUCATION is only one way for them to become civilized and to achieve all that, which a human being requires to live a sustainable life.
From that day only I promised myself, to educate each and every child of this society who are helpless and needy.
But I will be happier if my brothers and sisters will come and join me, for doing various developmental works for this society.

As we all know that,“Unity is Strength”.
So please come forward and let’s do something for our Motherland.
Thank You All