“A Generous Heart, Kind Speech and a Life of Service and Compassion are the things that renew Humanity”.

– Buddha

So dear friends, if we can’t change the society, let’s bring some changes in ourselves, by developing the above qualities in our behavior.

As we know,

“If we are good, then the whole world is good to us”.

Today in society we are getting Human but not Humanity. So we realized that humanity should be reestablished in this society and therefore we took a small step by opening “ORD”.

ORD is not only a NGO but it is the helping hand for each and every needy people in this society.

We all know that “The child is the father of nation”, so ORD took its initiative step to educate each and every child in the backward area (socially and economically).

As ORD is situated in a tribal based area where the percentage of literacy is very low. On the other hand these people are even much more below the poverty line. Socially they are backward due to their ignorance only. Men of this area are mostly daily labours and women are today also deprived of many freedoms that they should get in this free society. Children are not getting their proper education from their very stage due to the ignorance of their parents. Youngsters are misusing their crucial period by getting involved in antisocial things (like- smoking, drinking etc). Very few young boys are involved in some works like, Repairing, Iron welding etc.

So we thought to carry out some of the highly necessary actions in these backward areas, which will help them to improve their life style, such as:

Free Education to every age group, Health Check up, Women Empowerment etc.

ORD is really working hard for this society and it has also various dreams for the development of this society. But in this run it requires a lot of help and support from you people.

So last but not the least, I would like to invite our young mass for their Iron Body strength and I would kindly request to all our seniors for giving us various suggestions to work more efficiently for this society.

Thank You All……