“ORD” is nothing but a friend, extending its hand to help each and every needy people irrespective of any caste, creed etc in the society. Organization of Rural Development (ORD) was started in 2008. It was registered under Societies Registration Act No.-XXI of 1860, NoMBJ 8005/123 of 20102011.


ORD started its work in tribal area of District -Mayurbhanj, Odisha. It is one of the tribal dominated districts of Orissa, which has been declared as fully Scheduled Tribe district of the State.

Here ORD reached to various families who were extremely below poverty level and who didn’t get food twice a day even. The literacy rate among the tribal people of the district tunes to 40.3 per cent out of which ST male literacy is 38.01 per cent and ST female literacy rate is 25.97 per cent.

High rate of illiteracy and ignorance has majorly affected the health and nutritional standards of the trial community.

ORD develops a friendly rapport with the people

Initially ORD motivated them by giving some dry food & clothes for their children to bring their attention towards studies. Then it made them understood about the requirement of education in their life and brought these underprivileged children to ORD parivar, where they are getting free education, healthy environment, nutritious food and so many friends like them, to play and share their feelings.

ORD had shaped the life’s of nearly 2073 children , among them some are pursuing their higher education and some are engaged in some works and were also able to earn money for their livelihood. Now ORD has taken a challenge to bring smiles on the face of some more children and at present we have 168 children.

ORD  is also giving free computer education to 437  children including  dropout girls, women who really want to do something in their life. And the good thing is that some of them were posted in some moles and marts.

On the other hand, ORD had opened a GIRL ORPHANAGE for those children who lost their parents in their life, to give them a safe and secure future. We started the orphanage by adapting 10 children at the first stage.

But yes, then also we will say that, ORD has started its journey just now, and  it has to go a long mile to light each and every home with the candle education. So in this long run it requires more and more support from you all to move on.
ORD requests everyone to come forward to help these needy children. Let’s help the unbloomed buds to bloom and spread their fragrance throughout the society.