We have a lovable family named ORD (Organisation of Rural Development). It is an organisation in a true sense because an organization consists of a group of people having an idea to reaching a definite goal.
Our motto is to bring smile on everyone’s face without discriminating them on the basis of caste, creed, sex, religion. Just we work for the mankind.
We started our journey on 2008 and the organization is registered in the year 2010 i.e (regd.no-mbj8005/123).

How journey began :

With a feeling of “work is worship”, the founder of this organisation Mr. Saiprakash Mohanty stepped into this path of bringing transformation in the lives of socially backward children.  He thought to change their life style not by giving them “financial support but by enlightening them with education”.  So he made a survey in his district Mayurbhanj and whose result made him exclaimed that after 60 years of independence and democracy also, there are still people who are not getting food thrice a day, they don’t have proper shelter and not even clothing and sanitation. Second important result which came out of his survey is that 60% of the children in the tribal community are still illiterate. So he made “spreading education” his vision and mission and raised a slogan “transformation through education”. He thought to start the journey with giving proper education to the children who unable to go to school.
He stretched his hands for developing a friendly relation with their parents and their community. He held meetings and made them understood about the importance of education in their life and promised them to teach their children without any demand. Gradually Mr Saiprakash Mohanty started getting the positive response of his teachings from the children.

Social and economical background:

The locality where ORD started his philanthropic work is purely dominated with scheduled castes (SCs) and scheduled tribes (STs) people.

They are socially and culturally different from the rest of the society. These localities are also surrounded by dense forestry which creates disturbances on the way of progress. They depend on the forest to meet their livelihood, it’s the most ancient and traditional method. Education is totally nill these areas and superstitions and witchcraft are in its peak. So maximum of time these people are losing their lives and also their near and dears due to their ignorance, blind faith and ill practice. Literacy rate is negligible here .they have their own rules and regulation to run their lives. They follow different law which is totally different from the rest of the society. As a result, government projects also fail to run successfully in these areas. They unable to understand the need of education. Due to illiteracy they are also ignorant about family planning which results into an unhealthy living process with a number of children.

Economically they are not sound as they don’t have the idea to earn and save the money for their future needs. They are daily labourers and earn a little which is insufficient to run their family. They unable to get food sufficiently thrice a day and as we know the empty belly can’t think of anything else except the food so how their children can think of studying.
Henceforth ORD planned to give some nutritious food to the small children to draw their attention towards us. Along with basic education our organisation is also giving them life skill and vocational training.

Present scenario 

ORD had shaped the lives of nearly 2545 children, among them some are pursuing their higher education and some are engaged in different works to earn money for their livelihood. Now ORD has taken a challenge to bring smiles on the face of some more children.

At present we have 274 children under our project “slum to school” in three different places. ORD is taking care of their empty stomach and gives them nutritional food every morning.

After giving free computer education to near about 437 children including dropout girls, women, ORD is offering basic fundamental knowledge to near about 30 children who showed good result in their schools. And the best thing is that some of them were posted in some malls and marts.

ORD is providing  training to 15 girls  on Harmonium, Tabla and various musical instruments to make them skilled and empowered so that they can stand on their own feet and make their future bright.

As they came from various typically and   socially background culture, they need to strengthen themselves to support their family in future.

On the other hand, ORD had opened a developmental house for girls, where 25  girls are prevailing, who feel themselves as helpless & neglected. We are giving them proper education, sanitation and a healthy environment where they can grow and dream of their future. Along with that we are also giving them special classes & training in songs, dance and also in playing different musical instruments. These children are also given motivational & spiritual classes.

Every year we are distributing near about 500 clothes and blanket among children and adults in the interior regions of mayurbhanj district.

But yes, then also we will say that, ORD has only started its journey and a very long way to go.

Neither ORD is showing sympathy to the children nor asking any sympathy from others by showing up our work, we are fighting for the rights of the children.

My dear friends , our lives should be qualitative not quantitative so let’s come forward and stretch your hands to bring smile on the face of
these unbloomed children so that they can   bloom like flowers and spread their fragrance throughout the society.

Thank you all for supporting ORD.