As the maximum of the people in the slums and tribal based communities are illiterate, they don’t know many things which are highly important in their life. So ORD time to time organizes different awareness programmes to bring them to the mainstream of society.


As we all know that:
A child is the father of a nation”.

So if we really want to develop our country, then firstly we have to make each and every child of our country an educated one.
Children are the only resource who can make our developing country, the developed one. By keeping this in mind, ORD took the challenge to educate the small buds (Children) of this society. In today’s society, everyone is dreaming high to achieve different goals in life. But what is the right age to dream? The teenage is the age of the colourful dreams. But before this age, they should get their basic education first. As to dream, one should be educated. Then only he/she can understand the need and value of this dream. On the other hand, we can understand, how a hungry stomach can dream who unable to get sufficient food thrice a day even. So here ORD became a helping hand for these children and started giving food to their tummy and started feeding their mind with valuable teachings.
ORD also organizes awareness program for the parents to make them understand the importance of education. Children are motivated and their interest is drawn towards studies, by providing them different study materials such as copies, books, pen, colour pencils, etc.
With all these, we are also giving them snacks to attract their minds towards us.

ORD will appreciate the helping hands who will spontaneously and voluntarily come forward to
create awareness (Literacy, Epidemics, Empowerment, and Alcoholism)